Evil is not really evil?


There is no such thing as evil. Evil is a delusion. What we perceive as evil are but flaws, incompatibilities, failures in the attempt to reconcile differences. Interaction between any two or more beings are driven in the core towards realizing a symbiotic relationship—the Eastern notion of harmony, I presume. The drive may be expressed sexually, Freudly speaking, but it is nevertheless directed towards this harmonious existence. Failures in seeking this symbiotic relationship result in violences, conflicts, wars, hatreds, fears and suspicions. Even when two humans fight over an ideal, they are actually seeking harmony. They are not evil; one human is simply trying to make their ideal compatible with the other human’s ideal (whether by dominatingly enforcing one meme over the ‘other’ meme or by locking in at certain macthing points just like two jigsaw puzzles, or very much like the hormone receptors in the human brain). And unless they become compatible through any means necessary (memtic evolution, adaptation or mututation?) then what we call as evil occurs, which is simply a flaw, an illness, just like HIV. And so HIV is not evil. It is just trying to survive. In doing so, it is innately seeking a symbiotic relationship with the infected. Probably since it does not have the intelligence necessary to be aware of the failures of this relationship, it is slower in seeking to evolve it into a more symbiotic relationship. Bioevolution scientists probably know this for sure, but there are many evidences of ancient disease-causing organisms evolving over at least thousands of years into peaceful, and even useful, organisms in the body of the host. In fact, many of the cells and organisms in our own bodies may have been incorporated into us via parallel evolution, I suppose. Question: What then drives those organisms to be more deadly rather than peaceful as is the case today with evolving strains of viruses and bacteria? Resistance. Antibiotics and ‘fighting’ viruses and bacteria yielded more dangerous generations of them. If medicine and biosciences can evolve to harmonize those organisms and give them the help that they actually welcome to evolve into symbiotic coexistences rather than fight those organisms, diseases (the manifestations of the conflicts, and not the organisms themselves or the innate characteristics of those organisms) will be devolved out of existence much sooner than in the hands of a blind watchmaker. We recognize this idea more on the memetic sense, so why not extend it to the genetic world? Here’s a thought: what we usually perceive as evil is often having been caused by a being of at least the same level of intellectual awareness as we are. If one lesser animal, a cat, inflicts fatal harm upon another lesser animal, a mouse, for fun, we would not normally perceive it as evil, even when we know that the animal kingdom is rife with examples of animals killing or hurting others for sport. Better yet, if a lesser animal attacks a human, it is not normally described as an evil act. And, equally, if higher beings (of higher intellectual capacities, that is) observe us engaging in what we perceive as evil, the higher beings may understand that perception of ours but it will not be perceived by them themselves as evil. Hence, it stands to reason, I hope, that the more you evolve mentally, the more you realize that evil is but a side-effect and not an entity or a characteristic or, for the millennia-old poster boy of holy books, Iblees/Lucifer/Satan, an end unto itself. Evil happens when harmony is sought too aggressively. In other words, evil is never a drive, and seeking harmony is the real motive of everything.


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